Vansant Church of Christ

1383 Lovers Gap Rd, Vansant, VA 24656

Prayer Request - Earl Tester, Pat Stiltner, Susan Caudill, Carl Anderson, Roy Rife, Nancy Brown, Tommy Ray Stiltner, Reynic Compton, Robin Leonard

Nursing Homes - Jimmy Cook, Eleanor Looney, Carolyn Hill, Ruth Selfe, John Akers, Helen Musick, Opal Stiltner,

Recent Deaths

WITW - (Wednesday In The Word)- "Kings" - Saul, David, Solomon.

New Members - Morgan Hagerman, Josh Stewart

June Schedule For VCC

  1. There will be 2 worship services. 8:45 & 11:00.
  2. As you enter the building you will be offered communion by one of the men. Communion and Offering will be participated by everyone the same way it was done in previous months. A person will give a mediation & prayer for each sacrament